• …that red animal... thing... alien... whatever it is... 😕



  • Ah-haha! I thought about getting one of those for my Bs - I think I will - looks like they are intrigued! 🙂

  • We have a laser and both my b's love to play with it. Even are cats get into the fun too. We make the red light disapear under stuff and come out in another spot, it keeps them thinking. Except they have figured out wear the lite cmes from so if the can't find it they turn and look at the pen to see wear its pointed and if its even on. They are so smart.:)

  • Hehe.

    My b usually runs full speed wherever it is shown. It's great exercise for him during the winter months.

  • Flash light works great too.

  • I never bothered with the laser things as Gossy goes for anything that moves across the floor – narrow flashlight beams, rainbows from the prism, hand shadows, reflections off somthing, etc. When I go down into the laundry room, she zooms past me to get in and chase the nasty shadows before they can get me. 😃

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