• 😕We just found out last week that we have a Basenji. We had no idea. Now we understand so much more about her and her mannerisms. We are however having difficulties with her stools. She is up to date on everything and is on a special dogfood for sensitive stomachs and ussually does well. Accassionally for no apparent reason she will begin to have loose and watery stools. Not sure what is causing this and what to do. Vet has perscribed med. for stomach but try not to give to her unless absolutely necessary. Sophia is a joy and also alot of work and now we know why. Any suggestions as to what we need to do?
    Thank you,

  • It could be a lot of things. Try some Plain yogurt, maybe a tbl spoon or 2.

  • What food is she on?

    Edit: I am assuming you didn't mean to post this in "Fanconi Info" so one of the admins may move it. There are forums specific to the question you're asking….this one would go in health or feeding probably.

  • You might want to watch her carefully in regard to her food, treats, and whatever she eats when you're not looking. Then change one by one to see if the diarrhea is indeed because of the particular brand of food.

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