Thank you to everyone that took a look at my thread. But tonight we got the worst news ever, The police in our area came to our home. She had info about my little guy. I am guessing that the night he got away a car hit him and he made it to an older ladies home, into her large backyard where he died. We went and picked up his little body and buried it. Our whole family is so very upset. We have lost a member of our family, He will always be with us in our thoughts. So tonight when you hug you baby,please say a prayer for mine.

I am so sorry to hear about Desro. I hope your heart will heal with time.

Did you get him from a breeder? You may want to let them know (if you haven't already)…I am sure he or she would want to know.

That is so sad - I'm sorry you lost Desro - he is better now though.

So sorry to hear about your loss. I had that happen to my first furbaby, only I wasn't home when it happened - absolutely devastating.

I'm so sorry. It's really, really sad news.

Wow, so sorry to hear this. But that is nice that you were able to find him and give him a proper resting. Condolences to the family, it is so hard to lose one.

I'm so sorry. It's always hard to loose a friend.

Very sorry for your loss…

I am sorry you have lost your little Desro. I hope it is a small comfort to know what happened to him, and be able to bury him and grieve.

I'm So sorry for your loss.

So sorry to hear of your loss…

So sorry for your loss..

Thank You , he is truly missed here at our home. It just feels so empty. Everything we did with him you still think about doing,but he just isn't here. We will always love him. He was our first Basenji. Thank You again Angie

I mourn for you. I hope you find closure. The loss of a companion can sometimes be worse than anything. Hope you find peace in your days of mourning.

Tyler, Kate, and Dawn

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