• Hello everyone,
    what a great forum this is, trouble is its so big i cant get any thing else done for looking.
    Benji was a rescue dog, before getting him i read all about Basenjis and then rang the rescue.
    Benjis other family said they couldnt do a thing with him.
    I must admit i hesitated but couldnt resist.
    He came to live with us and i quickly fell in love but was a little shocked at his bad temper if he couldnt get his own way, the books never mentioned this.
    He was unlike any dog i had owned before and in my view they cant realy be treated like other dogs.
    We had him for 11 1/2 years, he was nearly 3 when we got him.
    I like all dogs but in time would love to get another, even 2 but i will have a hard enough job convincing my husband,

  • Shelley:

    I believe you are right - they cannot be treated like other dogs - they are nothing like them. Their personalities are so strong and they are so smart! Until I found the Basenji, I never had a lot of respect for dogs, even my own other kinds, because they are so needy, they usually don't stand up for themselves, and whatever we say is fine with them. They really command no respect in lots of ways. In short, they are not cats, which used to be my animal of choice because they have a lot of self-worth. But now that I have Shaye, the Basenji, I've found that unlike other dogs, if she is a dog, she is far more secure in her self, and has a personality to match her regal appearance. She will stand up for herself, is obstinate, spiteful and at the same time very playful and loving on her own terms. A lot of her behavior is cat-like, and like them, she is beautiful to see in her gait, her stance, her determination and focus. I believe owning a Basenji is not a master/animal relationship - it's a partnership with, hopefully, you being the senior partner.

  • Oh absolutely the basenji is a different breed - way better than any other 😃

  • When I got my first one given to me in 1975 I had never even heard of a Basenji. Escaping out of the yard was the on going problem. She just liked to get in either neighbors yard and rummage around. I started taking her to the beach for long off leash walks,wore her out and satisfied that curiosity hunger. Magic presto a perfect Basenji that became my best buddy for 17-1/2 years. The thing I found after three of them over 34 years is wearing them out by long walks and hikes. CAUTION, on any off leash walks you better have good control and a very good connection with them. I have seen some that just run off. Otherwise you better keep them leashed. Off leash was done in areas far from traffic and where I could control them. Watch out taking them in areas where they could be in danger of Coyotes, Mountain Lions or Bears.
    Play games with them too in the yard and house. Hide from them, play tag and let them chase you. Just my 2 cents.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Thanks for the welcome Robyn

  • Hello & welcome from Canada.


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