Banshee came, saw and


German Basenji Klub Specialty last weekend. Banshee started in open class after almost one year "no-show". There were 7 females in this class and she won it! So she got her second CAC. There is three more to go for the German Champion.

I am so happy!



Super.. congrats… she looks lovely

Well done, she looks lovely:D

Congratulations to both of you! 🙂 🙂

Awesome! What a pretty girl. 🙂


Congratulations, she looks lovely.


I like her very much!!!!!!!!

We wanted to come also but I totally forgot!!!

Wow, she looks really nice!! Congrats!

Really nice looking girl! Congratulations.

She is beautiful, congratulations. I love her name, very appropriate for a basenji that screams!

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