• Hey, so we also got back home safely from Trechtingshausen (D). We joined the BKD Clubwinnershow (53 Basenjis entered) and Banshee received her 4th CAC in females open class (which means that she needs only one more to complete her German VDH Champion). Jester also participated (well somehow) in open class males and received a vg (besides the fact that he started growling when we entered the ring and stoped it when we left the ring, I think this was not too bad after a show break from more than 2 Years). Shakti also started in puppy class (11 girls) and got a promising. Her brother Anubis startet in puppy class (4 boys) and got a vp 2. then we also started in brace with Banshee and Jester and got 2nd (out of 2) and then Banshee started in breeder class with her brothers Juma and Sunny and also got 2nd (out of 3). Those last two starts made me really proud as you rarely will meet black brace or breeder groups anywhere.

    I've got a massive sunburn and the dogs are "dead" right now…..

    It was nice to meet all the people and got to know some new ones. Mrs. Rix was an outstanding, patient Judge and Jenny did a great job in writing all the critics in a readeable way THANKS a lot!


  • Houston

    Congrats, sounds like y'all had a swell time. Sorry about the sunburn..and hey "dead tired" basenjis sound like a good thing..

  • It was nice to finally meet you! Loved all your black and whites 😃

  • Thanks Janneke, I was also very pleased to meet you finally! And I have to say, Tillo really is a very charming boy….


  • Congrats on the results!!!

    From what I hear, it was a great show!

  • Glad you got home ok from the show:D I hope your sunburn has improved a bit now.
    I just got back from Scotland late last night and I am very tired now with all the travelling but I enjoyed my weekend in Germany:D

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