• Looking at all the different pics, I see most have the super tight curl to it. Mia's tail is only like a half curl, where it almost touches her back, but also when shes laying down or eating, it pretty much rolls back straight like any other dog. Is this normal? I know it's just a silly tail, I'm just curious 🙂

  • My girl Ruby has a tail that is a half curl, it just loosely flips over her back (she has some african in her). My boy Brando (from Finland) has a tight cinnamon bun tail :D. My 4mo pup Aaliyah (her dam is 1/4 african - I think, might be more - and she is Ruby's granddaughter so also has some african from Ruby) has a tail that is fully curled but not tightly…I've been told it might tighten more after she stops teething.

  • Fiji has a cinnamon bun tail; Bongo's is more of a question mark. At our B meet ups we see both, just varies from pup to pup.

  • Keep in mind that the 'correct' tail for function - regardless of the curl needs to be able to be unfurled. A tail with rigid unmoveable tail curl would not have been abel to be unfurled as the basenji dove through dense underbrush and the tail would have been broken and if it got stuck or infected - end of basenji in the wild.

    Mine typcally relax their tail if they are cold to ward their bottom, if they are at the vet's office or otherwise stressed, if they are terribly relaxed.

  • Also see some tail pictures on the other thread: http://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=5831

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