• My 7 years old has been diagnostised with collapse vertebrae, near the tail.
    He is ok when he is standing, he is still playfull and happy. He only suffers when he is trying to get up or if he is stroke.
    He is now on anti inflammatory and he is far less in pain than before.
    Does anybody ever heard about this in basenjis?
    I read about the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin to stop the pain!
    Does anybody nows of a cure or a med help to this problem?

  • I am so sorry to hear about that. Did he do something, like take a tumble, or run into something? Glucosamine and chondroiting may help…but I think that is usually more for joint pain, to lubricate the joint better...but maybe it would have the same effect for vertebrae/

    Good luck, and best healing wishes.

  • Many tumbles over the years and other b running into him while playing, but nothing lately!

  • So sorry Seko / Helene -

    Is a collapsed disk the same as a ruptured disk? I eventually needed to have surgery to have the fragments removed from the spinal cord. It was a very a painful existence until after my surgery. What is her prognosis? If you have to wait and see - try physical therapy before surgery. What does your veterinarian suggest?

    I would suggest the same treatment for human bones and skeletal structure for your dog with physical therapy. Before my surgery, physical therapy was in order first. Impliment the same techniques: Heating pad for 10 minutes followed up with an ice treatment - I used a designated bag of frozen green beans (molds to body), for 10-15 minutes (re-freeze frozen bag). You could do this before bed on a regular basis for a few weeks. You might find an improvement. Gentle massages during or after treatment would be wonderful for you little one. It is important that your patient relax after each treament - so before bed is a good time. Actually, even before a nap too - (don't know your schedule). Sounds like alot of pampering for a dog, but why not try it - costs nothing. Also, try-try-try not to let her over-do it during this healing process.

    Good healthy vibes are sent your way.

  • @Duke:

    Is a collapsed disk the same as a ruptured disk? over-do it during this healing process.

    No, the disks are not ruptured!
    I have another vet visit at the end of the month for an X-ray to see if it's worst, same or better, then we'd see from ther what could be done!
    Thank you all for the kind word:)

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