• I am looking for information for a potential research project. Has anyone ever had a problem with exercise-induced collapse? Has anyone ever seen this at any sporting competitions they have been to? Especially you guys that participate in the lure coursing or other events. I'm trying to get an idea of which breeds and what sporting competitions this research would benefit. Any info, especially stories from experience would be extremely helpful. Thanks.

  • French bulldogs and bulldogs in general have this problem…

  • Any brachiocephallic dog has more respiratory problems than a long snouted dog.

  • 🙂 My boyfried has a french bulldog and when we got her I was so excited to take her to the dog park. It was a warm day 70? and she started to over heat very quickly. When I noticed we started walking back to the car and she wouldnt walk and just laid down. I got her in the car and turned the air on as much as possible while I called my vet. We then stopped for a huge ice water which I gave to her to drink and put her feet in. By the time I got back into town she was fine.
    This was my first experience with a snub nosed dog and it was very scary.
    She now does not go to the dog park and we are careful to watch her on hot humid days outside.
    She loves to go for walks, but she only gets them in the fall and early spring.
    She now has to settle for a drive around town

  • I have seen a whippet collapsing at the end of a race (oval track) on a hot day, he was 9 years old at the time.

  • A friend of mine has an 80 lb. chocolate lab that has it. I can get details, but his symptoms only showed up when he became a "senior" and has only had a few episodes. It's pretty much the classic story of out on a walk, having fun and then laying down and having to carry him home. They also have another male, his litter mate - who doesn't have it.

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