• At our 2th year anniversary of our marriage… we planned a show.. hahaha

    De B's gave us both a great present!!!!
    There were 16 Basenji's, 8 males

    Chafuko became Junior Brabo Winner 2009, with an Excellent!!!!!:D
    He did it soooooo good, he walked like a little king... :rolleyes::p

    At the end of the day, he had to compete against ALL the Junior Brabo winners of every breed off that day! (:eek: wow a LOT)
    Hedid it very well, he wasn't chosen for the best three, but a lot of judges around the BIG ring, were very interested in Chafuko... we were so proud.....
    ( A very very nice Saluki became 2th of that competition)

    Buana became Best Male!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😃
    He did it very nice and he got his last point for Belgium Champion!
    So he got a new Title!!!!:

    " Belgium Champion" 🆒

    The nicest thing was, for BOB judgement, there were 3B's...
    A very nice brindle bitch (du viex bry, from Bendji's kennel!!!) and our two B's! 😃
    I think, if Chafuko walked a little bit better, he had get the bob. But he wanted to play with Buana, (i had to walk behind him... so that wasn't a good show result there hahahaha)
    The bitch became BOB... she was GREAT!!!!!! 😃

    The pics aren't great...During the judging, we didn't take pics. (stupid, but both too nervous) so at the end of the day we let them pose.. you can see we and the B's are all a bit tired, but it's a little impression

  • Many congrats on your new champion:D

  • Yeay!! Congrats!!!!! 😃

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