• This may be a crazy question but after reading about the health issues regarding basenjis, do you have to worry about Fanconi Syndrome or the other genetic problems with a basenji mix? I'm assuming that since my Shelby is half senji half labrador retriever, the genetics should be different enough that those health problems shouldn't become an issue. At least, I'm hoping…

  • my dog is a basenji-boxer mix, and I will start testing soon, with the home strips. I was under the impression (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that if basenji is in the mix, fanconi is a possibility. Also, I do believe other breeds get Fanconi too - not just Bs. IMO, it's better to be safe than sorry. It's easy to test at home, and if caught early, is manageable. I'd feel terrible if my dog got sick when it could of been detected early & treated.

  • This is a incert from a former post discussing fanconi and mix B's…

    if you wanted to be on the super safe side you could test for your mix for Fanconi. But, in my opinion, and educated guess....it is virtually impossible for a dog that is half basenji or less to get Fanconi. The current understanding is it takes two basenjis that are carrying a gene/s for Fanconi to produce it in their offspring. So, *unless a Basenji mix has one parent that is full Basenji and one parent that is half or more Basenji, they shouldn't have the genetic combination that makes Fanconi.

    I dont really know for sure about testin mixes, but i plan on testing just to be on safe side.

  • Thanks, I'll have to pickup some testing strips. Do you get them at the vet's or can you get tham at a regular pharmacy?

  • Never mind. I just read another thread that answered that question. I will pick up some diastix from Walmart. I don't really think it is a possiblity that she could develop Fanconi's since she is a half B but it won't hurt to occasionally test her urine because I would feel awful if something happened to her and I could've done something. Thanks again.

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