• Hi, I introduced myself over in the new member forum yesterday. Here are some pictures of Ripley, my new puppy!

    Here's the Ripster when we first brought him home. So tiny!

    Here he is terrorizing at puppy class:

    Caught in the act!:

  • Looks like he's thinking what trouble he can cause in the last pic! Very cute, thanks for sharing.

  • Awww. He's a cutie! Thanks for sharing & welcome to the pack 🙂

  • thanks for the puppy fix

  • Aw, he is SO cute! I love how very wrinkly new puppy faces are. He sure seems to have taken charge of his class!

  • Too Cute…..

  • He is very cute, I love the intense look in the picture of him sitting down, there was probably a treat there somewhere!

  • I love the look on the pug in the chase. I so missed out on taking good pictures of Medjai when he was younger. He dragged a golden across the floor which would have been a great picture.

    I noticed that he doesn't like to sit with his butt ON the floor, similar to mine. I'm not sure if it's a basenji thing or just a commonality. I could see it being a basenji thing with not wanting to get their butt dirty.

  • Tayda doesn't like to sit all the way down either… she'll perch about an inch or so off the ground - particularly when she's on a wood or tiled floor. Other times she will sit ALL the way back on her rump and hold her back legs off the ground.

    cute pics! i love how he's running w/ his mouth open at the pug. poor little pug... ha ha

  • is there something in the right side of his mouth (his right side, not right looking at the pic)….? maybe it's just the angle of the picture.

  • Ripley doesn't like to sit all the way down either! Especially if he is outside or on a tile floor. He usually only puts his butt down if he is on my bed. And then he'll do that thing where he sits all the way down on his butt and his back legs stick up.

    I had no idea how many quirks these dogs have! 🙂

  • Hey Taryn, welcome to the forums!

    Andrew and Shango here- can't wait until we have our pups meet!

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