• Last tuesday, before we had to leave with our ship, we went to a nature park in Germany (read, a big forest with lots of wildlife)

    Wo didn't saw a human being but! two deers!!!! 😃

    And the dogs we're very crazy about the smell of the wild animals.
    I think the smelled fox and deer, but also wild boars and maybe even a wolve (tere are some wolves living there)


    Some deer tracks



    He's gonna get Chafuko!!

    And take a big sleep after….

  • O no!

    I see I posted this tread in Member Introductions!!!


  • Love the photos! What lovely dogs you have.
    We are headed down to the Oregon Coast next week.
    Lots of long empty beaches for the 2 b's to run on.
    We all end up tired after all that exercise.

    I don't think its a big deal, the wrong thread…

  • What kind of a bed is that in the bottom picture? Is it suspended from something? it looks really great.

  • Very nice photos :). What a good idea-bench on the heating 🆒 :D.
    We go for a walk to the forests which we have round about our home. there are beautiful nature, but there are roe-does and wild-boars so dogs must to have a leads.

  • @Quercus:

    What kind of a bed is that in the bottom picture? Is it suspended from something? it looks really great.


    Just like the way you see it, it's in the petstores in Holland!
    It's a hammock for cats!

    They really love it and we have one at the moment, but want another one so both B's can lie in it…. 😃
    At night, our cat lies in the hammock!

  • Nice pics! Love to see happy babies 😃 😃

  • Great photos. love to see such a beautiful pack of happy dogs ( and I hope their people, too)!!!

  • Great shots… and your IB is lovely.... (as are you Basenjis).....

  • Wonderful to see them having such a great time!

    We took our Tex to Florida for the first Eukanuba/AKC Invitational. We went down to the manatee viewing park, thinking he would love it. Alas, poor city dog, he was completely unnerved by all that raw nature. He kept jumping behind us at every rustle in the bushes alongside the path. The next day we went to NASA. When we parked in the lot and got him out so he could pee before we put him back in the crate while we went on the tour, he was ecstatic! "Look, Mom and Dad, asphalt!! And orange cones! Now this is more like it!"


  • Great series Kim. Beautiful babies. Only one more week to go !!!:D

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