New buddy for the basenji's

After spending many months looking for a new elkhound pup to grow up with my two basenji's. My searches for a new pup went down more than a few roads that ended with no pup for one reason or another. That road took a new fork that lead me to rescue my new baby. He was puppy dumped at 5 weeks at our local kill shelter all of his litter were adopted but him. We have a no kill shelter about 5 miles away, he wasn't taken there. No one even looked at this little guy. He spent one month in the shelter and was scheduled to be killed if someone didn't come soon. After going everyday to the shelter for one week I finally got to meet him but had decided earlier in the week he would have his forever home. He is a 11 wk old aussie mix. New experience never owned anything but a "hound group" dog He is a great puppy truly just wants to please. I think he knows he was saved. When I brought him home he just looked at me as if to say thanks. He now loves life, has a big backyard to run, he never touched grass till two weeks ago. Basenji boy has no issues with him, but tri little girl feels her alpha spot might be threatened but she is so very wrong. Working thru that with her. Our new little guy is called Moby. I think God had a hand in keeping him safe till we found each other and he came HOME

Wow, that's great! Thanks for saving this little guy! And welcome Moby 🙂
Now we need pics…

😃 😃

What a great story! and also from here, welcome Moby..

I love to see pics!

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