• We have a 12 year old lab/basenji cross, who has always been the top dog of the pack. When we had other dogs staying with us, Cleo would very quickly grab them by the neck, thump them onto the floor and then, having established that she's the big girl, leave them pretty much alone.

    Since 5 month old Bassit has come home, it's a bit of a different story. As you can imagine, Bassit's full of energy, and constantly biting Cleo's tail, getting in her face, chasing her around, etc. We keep waiting for Cleo to 'lay the smack down', but she isn't. There's a lot of indignant barking and gurgling, but, for the most part, Cleo's letting Bassit rule the roost.

    Do you think it's an age thing? That Cleo is realizing that there's new, younger blood in the pack, and is stepping aside? I realize that there's nothing I can do about it, and, for the most part, I leave them to sort it out, but it sure is sad to see my old girl passing the torch.

  • Cleo may just be tolerating the puppy, and will exert herself more when Bassit is a yearling/teenager who needs to learn manners.

  • Here is an example of turf wars in our house. Chance (red and white) is 1 year older than Kiya.


  • Here is an example of turf wars in our house. Chance (red and white) is 1 year older than Kiya.
    Amazing how the dance begins and ends - right? Looks like Kiya had protested then compromised. 😃

    In my house - Daisy (tri-mix) will usually compromise-like Kiya. Duke on the otherhand will never-willingly compromise, but submit.

  • Kiya is stubborn, but she gives in at the end

  • I imagine when she has had enough, she will put the "smackdown" on him..

  • Very cute! That looked a lot like playing, to me 🙂 I love how she ends up cleaning his ears 🙂

  • man i wish thats what our turf wars looked like! My basenji is alot more vicious

  • Cute video, but, sorry, my house/my rules, if I seen this with my 2 Bs, it would have been stopped right away. Just the way I am:-)


  • Not a turf war at all IMHO. It was a classic "I'll irritate you until you play" video.

  • This is the turf they are always fighting for. Unfortunately that bed no longer exists. While Kiya was away Chance finally ripped up the sides and gutted the foam, which is what he was trying to do in the video.

    Now we have a new bed in that spot which is harder to destroy and I witness the same turf war every morning while checking my email.

  • We just got a new pupy, so now we have a 3 month old and a 15 month old. They are constantly rolling around/playing. And turf wars are usually settled pretty quickly (by me we have 2 of everything now). The only hard and fast rules we have are
    (1) No face biting
    (2) Not too rough (on both sides those puppy teeth can be sharp)

    But Indy does seem to be alot more tolerant of Lori's puppy antics

  • Ha, ha - boy does that video look familiar.

    In my house it goes like this:
    Brando goes to Ruby in the dog bed (usually the one in front of the stove)…starts pawing and pulling at the dog bed. Ruby makes noise. Brando starts poking her with his paw...Ruby makes more noise. Brando starts really poking her, rolling his head on the edge of the dog bed, and tail starts flipping wildly. Ruby then charges and an all out brawl followed by a b500 ensues. If the noise escalates to angry noise and neither seems to be playing any longer, I will redirect their attention. That seems to only happen at night when they are both tired. Otherwise, I usually witness a shake-off at some point and see the tension break. Oh, and they usually end of sharing the bed after the play.

    There is also the Liyah/Brando turf war. Usually over the couch. I can tell instantly if Brando wants to play...as soon as his mouth opens. If he isn't interested he turns away and makes a soft growl. That is usually enough for her to stop. If she keeps at it when he doesn't want to play, I usually let him tell her off with a much more forceful growl...

    There are no rules in my house, I let them work it out unless I sense it really start to go in the wrong direction. Brando and Ruby both put their teeth on Liyah's face and vice-versa and both Ruby and Brando put their teeth on each others faces. I watch it and it really seems to be play (or lessons in biting in Liyah's case).

    I will say that in my house it can get really LOUD...not for the uninitiated. I also usually stop it if furniture starts being moved around. :eek::D

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