• It's been a quiet Thanksgiving Day here. Both my boys are across the country in Portland Oregon, but that can't keep me from being thankful for a few things. I'm thankful for the beautiful sunshine today, and you don't need a coat to go out. I'm thankful for my 83 year old mother, who has more energy than I do! I'm thankful that my paperman didn't hurt himself this morning trying to deliver the 20 lb. paper with all the after-Thanksgiving ads in it. And I can't forget being thankful for the B in my lap who did her best to get some Tday turkey but had to settle for beef chunks in gravy with broccoli casserole on the side. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Day from all of us!

  • I guess im a day late but happy thankgiving to all of you and dont forget to give your leftovers to the dogs, lol Lucy was one happy b last night = P

  • Sandie enjoyed thanksgiving also… she got her first taste of cranberry sause, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie.... I think she liked the sweet potatoes the best... something new ill add to her veggies list. Hope everyones Thanksgiving was good.

  • hey guys, i am back from my trip to colorado. fender went with us, thanksgiving he got some gravy on his food, he loved it. i have lots of catching up (reading) to do. hope all my fellow washington folks are alright. we are getting slammed pretty hard.

  • Hi Ambered, I called my older son in Portland yesterday to tell him it was snowing big time in Seattle, and he said "We never get snow down here in Portland, only in the mountains." After we hung up he called right back and said, "Oops, it's snowing like crazy!" We got a little snow here in Birmingham last winter and Abbey loved it. She tiptoed all around the yard and sniffed at things. I didn't tell her snow used to be rain which she absolutely hates.

  • Interesting topic btw - Snow from Washington is due for us Michiganders on Saturday. Can't wait to see how Duke reacts to the stuff on his little foots. I have friends in Seattle who've moved there this year. What a beautiful part of the country. But they're from Michigan and sure to navigate well in the snow - with white knuckles!!!

  • I grew up in Indiana where they get lots of snow but here in Alabama people don't know how to drive in it. We're in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and it's very hilly. Everything stops when it snows, schools close, etc. All they have to do is mention the S word in the forecast and in two hours you can't find a loaf of bread or gallon of milk anywhere. In March 1993 we actually did have the Blizzard of the Century and we got 21 inches of snow and ice. I got snowed in at work (I'm a nurse and work in a hospital) for 5 days. My son was 15 then and he was home by himself because I couldn't get there. He got bored and tried walking down the hill and the National Guard picked him up and took him back home!

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