• Never got to do this after Rocky passed, but wanted to give a place for a shou-out to our fantastic vets who love and work with our B's!

    Dr. Dominguez at Bethany Animal Hospital… you helped make Rocky's life a full and quality one. Thanks for dealing with me and my never ending questions, as well as my "gut-feelings". And for never thinking I was crazy to own my beloved boy.

    Thanks for knowing what breed he was when he walked in the door, what the breed was like, predisposed to, and knowing what Fanconi Syndrome is and how to treat it. We completely lucked out finding you right in our own backyard. Thank you!!!

  • I have to brag on my vet…when I got my first fanconis b, this vet had not know about b's and this issue.
    He took his own time and called UC Davis in Ca from Wa state to find out what was
    to be done to check the dog out and treat the dog to give good quality of life.
    this was before the protocal came about.
    My vet rocks.
    He is located in Silverdale Wa

  • Amen to that… there is nothing like when you find a good Vet... that listens, really listens to what you say... and ones that go that extra mile to assist in the health needs of our companions... of all breeds..... and putting qualilty of life first

  • Wow, what a coincidence that I find this post. I guess I'm gonna flip the coin here and go opposite. I took my pup for his 2nd booster shot like 3 days ago, I wasn't very pleased with the vet. First, I asked him if he knew about basenjis and if he had treated some before, he said yes but didn't even look me in the eyes. Then I asked him how often to female B's go in heat (as if I didn't know) he told me all dogs go in heat every 6 months and that some might go once a year but that depends on how close to the poles you are and how the weather behaves… so far I have not found anything to support this idea. And what's worse, I asked him if he knew about fanconi and again he kinda looked away and said yes, I can read people and this guy has heard of fanconi maybe but at the moment couldn't recall if it something a dog or a bird could get.

    I also can't understand how you can monitor a dogs heartbeat and breathing after you put a thermometer up his back door and have him standing on a cold table with strangers trying to hold him, he said there was some sort of weird sound on one of his sides, but then he was like "well it might be because he's so nervous". Oh, and he also seems really convinced that even though my dog will be 3 months old tomorrow his other testicle will never descend.

    I might take him there again for the second booster, but I'm gonna look for a vet that knows about basenjis and that isn't so reluctant to answer my questions and what not, someone who still loves their job.

  • I must add my vet to those who get kudos - Dr. Carlos Gandara at Companion Animal Hospital in Blaine MN. When EL D got sick, instead of "here's some antibiotics, come back in 2 days", he spent the entire evening going through test after test trying to address all the symptoms - he didn't give up until he had an answer (and it was right). He believes in "wellness exams" looking at all aspects of a pet, and when I brought Gossy in the other day, he discussed nutrition with me (yes I said nutrition - he talked about corn fillers and raw diets). While he doesn't subscribe yet to multi-year DHP vaccines (he does 2yr now), he has been doing his homework and knows the pros and cons. (And he knew basenjis only come into estrus once a year.) I have known many vets over the years and vets at the University vet hospitals but I'm absolutely impressed with Dr. Carlos - besides he's funny.

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