Looking for breeders around SE Michigan

  • I have only recently learned about the Basenji breed and would like to visit local breeders around S.E. Michigan so I can learn more about them before i get one but there does not seem to be any that i can find, if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Have you tried www.basenji.org and the Finding a Basenji link?

  • I am near SE Michigan…we are in NW Ohio. I didn't breed a litter this year, but I could probably point you towards some nearby breeders. Most pups that were born this year (that I know of) are spoken for, though. You might get on some lists for next year, if you decide a Basenji is a good match for you.

  • My little Lenny's breeder is from SE Michigan! Her website is www.kirojabasenjis.com she is on the forum periodically also so maybe she will chime in!

  • Yup, you can't go wrong visiting and/or talking to Quercus and Kiroja…... they will give you the "real" scoop on this breed and give you a chance to visit with a "house" full of Basenjis...

  • I am in the Downriver area and you're more than welcome to visit. I'm pretty sure all the puppies from responsible breeders around here are all spoken for. But that gives you lots of time to research and make plans for this fall. 🙂

  • Actually in Indiana - Baruh had an litter that I believe still has some puppies available. Linda is not online so if you email her you won't get far. If someone wants pictures contact me and I can send you pictures of who is available.

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