Vet near Champlin, Minnesota

Hi Everyone -

I was wondering if anyone has a great vet to recommend that is close to Champlin, Minnesota or the surrounding Minneapolis area that is familiar with basenjis? I have been going to a vet for over a year but not to happy with them and now that I have two b (just got a little one in January) I was wondering if anyone has had good luck with one in this area?

Thank you!!

I live in Blaine so maybe this is a little too far but I highly recommend my vet - Dr. Carlos Gandara at Companion Vet Hospital (Co. 10 across from Northtown Mall). He has treated both of my previous basenjis, diagnosed the weird fungal disease that hit EL D, and is very highly thought of at the University Vet Hospitals. And he is very receptive to learning new treatments if he doesn't know something. He's personable and funny and I wouldn't go to anyone else.

Blaine is not too far from me. I will have to check this place out. I really appreciate the reply as this is very helpful! Thank you!

Let me know when you go, maybe our dogs can visit afterwards.

That would be great! How many Bs do you have? I am always looking for more B people to meet and have playdates with! I have 4 yr old male and a 9 week old female. My 4 yr old LOVES dogs and people so he is always up for playdate :-)!

I sent you a message on your profile page.

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