• I am awaiting the arrival of my puppy and in the meantime have been looking to find a local vet that has basenji's in their practice or are at the very least familiar with the breed. I want to avoid the problems some other people are having with their vets… Any breeders in the New England area use anyone who is good??? In the meantime I will also ask my breeder...Thanks

  • What area of MA?

  • North Attleboro specifically

  • You might contact El Dorado Basnji. They are great and always answer questions quickly. Usually any vet has had SOME experience. But i have found that there is no substitute for doing your own research, asking for the appropriate tests, etc.

    Good luck !!!!!

  • Thanks.. El Dorado is the breeder we are getting the puppy from… I'll certainly see who they use..

  • I'm from mass and had an awesome Vet before i left but there all the way in Salem mass so i think thats alittle far for u

  • Oh cool my boy's sire is sydney. Good luck! Sorry I couldn't be more help but el d is awesome

  • A great thing about where you live in MA is that if there was something your regular vet couldn't handle, you have both Tufts and Angell Memorial within a reasonable driving distance.

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