Basenji familiar Vet/ upstate NY?????

I'm sure this is a longshot but was wondering if anyone can recommend a Vet in Upstate NY that's familiar with our breed. I'm looking to change vets for my two. I'm in the Albany/Schenectady/Amsterdam area. Any help would be great as I don't know ANYONE one else that has Basenji's!!

Not sure exactly where Sue is in NY, but you might want to give her a try. Here is a link to her website and you can find her email there. Drop her a note..

The other person I was thinking of was Jean Martin…isn't she in upstate NY? Tommy, she's a breeder and her info is on the breeder directory (organized by state) on the BCOA website: You might try emailing her.

I found my new vet thru a breeder (that my breeder had mentioned).

Sue is a breeder also… so maybe between the two they can come up with some suggestions for you

Thanks guys, I did email Sue at apubasenji's and she forwarded my email to someone on the board who lives close to me. The vet I've been using is fine but I really don't think he's all that familiar with Basenji's and I would rather take my two to someone who is!!

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