Young Basenji in MN

Check out this sweet, skinny little guy…

Very tempting, although I told myself i'd wait a bit longer for another Basenji.

Ah, yes, that's what we were telling ourselves right about the time Bongo came into view and needed a home.

And this one's in not too far from you, right? 😉

Not too far, probably a few hours, but I'm hesitant since I got my B only a few months back. I'd rather wait until i've had him longer.

Still tempting though. I hope someone picks him up.

Thanks for the heads up - I contacted the other mn basenji breeders to see if anyone is missing a dog. From the area he was found there was a lady near there who traded carpeting someones house I think for a breeding pair of basenjis so I wonder if it's not one of hers. Don't remember he name off hand - but I will check my master list for her name to see if it might be hers.

We'll see if any of us can get to him.

Oh, that's great!

Sort of a weird story on how they got the pup, eh?

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