Hello from Norway, Oslo

Hello everyone:)
I'm new here, and hope I can learn alot from you about the Basenji. My family and I are considering to expand the family with one. I've never actually met on irl (exept one at the wet's waitingroom some years ago), but they sound lovely, and are really beautiful!

Welcome, you will definitely learn lots of stuff about Basenji's here.

Welcome to our group. Be sure you research the breed before you buy one - basenjis have many peculiarities that surprise some people. Regardless we are here to help you with any questions and with tips. Let us know what you finally decide.

Welcome, make sure you get one from a breeder who does the health testing.

Hello & welcome to the group. Just to reaffirm what others are saying about researching first.


Hello from Belgium and welcome to the Forum !:)

Kikou from France, welcome to the pack !! 🙂

Hello and welcome to the Forum!!
One of Tillo's brothers lives in Olso! 😃

Welcome! This is a wonderful place to get to know and learn about Basenjis…and the people who love them...

Welcome from another newbie, there is a lady in Norway who breeds Basenjis and does health check, she owns the litter sister to one of mine.

Try reading some of the put offs posted on basenji sites and find out the bad things first, if that doesn't put you off then nothing will!

I would never be without mine.

Welcome to the forum!!

Glad you found us, and welcome!

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