TP Fairy

My son has been visiting the last few days and when he left today he left the bathroom door open. It was the first time I have ever been visited by the TP fairy. They managed to destroy three rolls of TP and the toilet brush!! What a mess. My shoes were wet because I had just come in out of the snow so I had TP stuck to the soles of my shoes. Glad nobody else was home. I'm sure I looked like a geek. :p

Welcome to the world of "WHO LEFT THE BATHROOM DOOR OPEN?!?!":D

BTW, just FYI…the TP fairy doesn't leave money under your pillow either:mad:. Wish she did, we'd all be rich!!

Oah God don't get me started. Wayyyyyy toooooo many TP Fairy's have visited our house….and you want to know who leaves the TP out...ALEX! 😛

Hahaha. I bet they had a blast with all that TP :p Thankfully Dallas hasn't started shredding TP yet…

just wait until they can open the door, then steal it while you need it! urrrggggg! You can't even give chase in that position!

LOL No TP fairies here, and the bathrooms stay open. HOWEVER, we do have a kleenex/napkin fairy when one misses the trash!


LOL No TP fairies here, and the bathrooms stay open. HOWEVER, we do have a kleenex/napkin fairy when one misses the trash!

Same here, no love of TP in my house…although I did find teeth marks on a roll of tp once, but no punctures. That was the only time.

Both Ruby and Brando can spot a napkin a mile away and if one is left near enough to the edge of a table, they'll nab it. Also both kids will go into open pockets and if there is a napkin or kleenex in a jacket, they'll grab those as well.

My boy Cody, when he thinks I have been on the computer enough, will grab the end of the tp roll and run down the hall to the computer room with it.
Our friends know most of the tp in our house is "roll less"!

Oh yeah, I keep the TP up high on the shelf behind the toilet. AND the bathroom trash can under the sink cabinet!!! The cats love TP, too and would unwind a whole roll if they could get to it! Bella, well it's hard to tell what kind of mess SHE would make. When we visit the in-laws, Bella tries to get in their bathroom trash so I am constantly having to shut that door!:rolleyes:

We have the TP fairy visit a couple of times a week. Our frequents guests now know to look for a wadded roll of toilet paper now, instead of the one that should be on the spool.

Ours could care less about the nice clean toilet paper when there are absolute TREASURES in the bathroom trash. I'd much rather clean up clean toilet paper trails!

all the time, Sahara loves TP and kleenex, napkins, she loves to roll my backyard with the TP. Carries it outside and waits until we come and get it, or will sometime leave it outside until we go outside to retrieve it and she runs real fast ahead of us and scoops the roll up. She is like greased lightning going out her doggie door, she is a real character and we love her dearly mess and all.

we also do not have any TP Fairies ususally. Yesterday I forgot to take a roll of TP with me as I needed it to clean up behind the puppies and I left it on the coffee table. Well, Panda trained her skills on that issue.

But usually ours prefer napkins which strangers have lost outside and they eat them totally….:eek:


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