• Hi my name is Kitkat. Im 2yrs old. I had an older brother max (blue healer) but I lost him last month. he was 11. I miss him very much as do all my family. My mom is Gigi and my dad is Dave. plus the 3 teenagers. I have been hearing I will be getting a new brother in a week or so. I have seen pics of him. He is a brindle boy. I am a tri. We should look good toether. We have been reading alot of stuff on here and getting some good advise and alot of laughs too. Looking forward to more.:o

    thanks kitkat and family

  • Hello & welcome to the group. Hope to see photos?


  • Hello and Welcome to the forum!! Can't wait to see pics of Kitkat and her new brother!

  • Welcome!

    We should be friends- I, of course, adore my basenji boy Shango and just love the ACD/blue heeler breed! We're also considering adding a brindle!

    Welcome to the forums!

  • Thank you. Will try to put some pics on here. We cant wait until are new b boy can come home. We are getting him a breeder here in Wisconsin. Still not sure what we are going to call him yet, everyone wants a diffrent name. We got kitkat from an ad in the paper when she was 4months old. My father inlaw had two when my hub was younger. So we or should I say he:D: knew what we where getting into. But I wouldn't give her up for anything. She is my pretty girl and she knows it. This being said and I have learnedmore about the breed and the deseases that they can have, I will have to get kitkat tested for Fanconi. We don't know anything about where she came from. I know that is bad, but when she can out of the krate she was so small and on the skinny side that we fell in love and had to bring her home. she is still verry small only 13pds. trying to put more weight on her. She does have an over bite but it adds to her charm.

  • Dave is from Indiana,Bloomimgton. We still go there about once a year,he still has family there. My blue was a good boy, miss him sooo much:( and he took care of kitkat. Can't wait for my brindle boy 5days and counting.

  • Hope that your new pup has already had his sire and dam DNA tested for Fanconi

  • He has. She has all her adult dogs done and they are clear. She has been really nice to work with she has answered all my questions in good time. I will be taking him to the vet the day after we pick him up, to do a quick check to make sure everything else is good. I am looking into getting the swab kit for kitkat so we can make sure she doesn't have it.

  • That is great, did you make sure you verified for yourself on OFA? Some people have been a little bit surprised to find when they went to verify results that they either weren't quite what they were told or weren't there at all.

    Just go to the OFA website, http://www.offa.org and type in the registered name of the parents in the search field or their registration numbers.

  • I went on the site and looked up as much as I could and as far as I can see he might be a carrier or clear. There was no affected dogs. From what I have been reading I don't have to worry about him getting it. Is this correct? We plan on having him nuetered anyway, just wanted another b to spice up are lives.

  • If at least one of his parents are clear, then he would not get Fanconi

  • If one parent is Clear then none of the puppies will be Affected. If neither parent is Clear then there is the possibility of producing Affected offspring even though neither of the parents is Affected.

  • From what I have seen on her wed site the grandparents are clear. One was passable carrier. I confirmed this on the offa site. So I think we are ok. But I will talk to her about the parents.

  • Hi KitKat,

    Glad to see another person on the forum from Wisconsin! Good luck in getting your new pup! What part of the state are you in?

  • Hi,
    Welcome! What part of Wisconsin are you in? I am near Sheboygan, I'd love to do a basenji meet up sometime with any people in the area, I've only seen another basenji once in my life!

  • Im from the Madison area. It's good to see you. So are your B's enjoying the heat wave.

  • Here is a pic I hope:p

  • Cute pup, welcome

  • This is her best friend all winter long. She gets toasty on one side and then goes to the other. It is cute to watch, after she all warm she runs back to get under the covers again. Sometimes she sticks her ear between the fins and I keep telling her she's going to get burned. She just rolls her eyes at me:rolleyes:. So far no burns. But she does have to share with the cats sometimes, but she doesn't think they need it as much as she does.

  • Ha…heat wave is right! We actually took walks yesterday and today for the first time in weeks, I think Tosca loved it, plus it really calmed her down, she slept the rest of the evening after 🙂
    We get to the madison area often (my brother in law lives there) and often bring tosca with us, maybe we could do a meet up sometime at a park or something, i'd love to meet more basenjis!

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