• OMG at the speed and athleticism of thsi dog!

  • It looks like a Belgian Malinois. A lot of security companies are using them instead of Sheperds now. They are smaller, more compact, and even though they are about 40 to 60 Lbs, they can take down much bigger than them. When I was training with a gentleman, a certain police office (220lbs 6' 4") laughed and said the Malinois could never take him down. We sent him out in the arm, and he was stunned at the impact these dogs could have. He was on the ground in a matter of seconds. They instinctively know where to hit you.

  • Amazing. The training and trust that dog must have in his handler to run straight into gun fire….truly amazing.

  • That is amazing! And not only was he powerful enough to knock the guy over, he didn't let go!


  • there's a saying - Malinois, faster than a speeding shepherd.

    Here's more video:
    i love that first little bit with the mali dragging the guy out of the van.

    But I've found them to be very loving, especially with my basenjis and really no home should be without one. 😉

  • As a retired peace officer, that dog makes me proud!!!
    Love to see a fellow officer in action.

  • That's pretty amazing!

    My ex-boyfriend's mom had a Malinois. It's a beautiful breed. They are very athletic & obedient. Two things always needed in good police K-9s 🙂

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