• Hey guys-

    I have noticed some odd things about our Bs food pads lately and was wondering if anyone else has seen it. It looks like there are excess growths on the edges of her foot pads, and they are kind of rough. It is almost like they are "feathered" on the edge. They don't seem to be bothering her, but to me it almost looks like a fungus. She has been shedding a ton lately too, not sure if that is related. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Jordan and Pig

  • I have been meaning to post about this also. Same exact symptoms. It looks like the foot pads are shedding. I was thinking it was the dry air and it's on our list to get a balm or something (mushers secret?). Zip messes with her footpads like the feathered edges bother her a little. I have been on the lookout for sensitivity but she seems just fine walking on them. Is this a winter thing? Our two are inside a lot lately.

  • It almost looks like a fungus or something to me. I will try to get pictures up tomorrow. We have seen it in non-winter times and it comes and goes. It also happens on her dew claw pads.

  • Hey Maui-
    I know I posted that a while ago, but we went in for our checkup today so I asked about it. She said it was normal, just dry. I was totally convinced it was something wrong too. They started cracking all around the edges of the pads and the dew claw pad was almost stringy. But nothing was wrong, just dry. The vet said as long as the pads don't feel really different it isn't a problem. She recommended vaseline on the dew claw pad and said that the worst thing would be a bit of loose stool if she licked it off. But they still don't seem to be bothering Pig… FYI 🙂

  • I use a little heavier emollient than vaseline (Aquaphor) and massage it in. It doesn't seem to rub off as easy as vaseline. The whole family uses it as well. Chapped hands, lips, etc..It works great, and faster IMO.

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