• spijs is a 4 year old basenji/lab mix
    and she occasionaly sheds her claws!
    is this normal?
    she is in no pain, no bleeding… i just find a claw shed off now and hten on the carpet(carpet white,claws black)
    youd think they were press on nails.... they just shed right off...
    she is otheriwse healthy...

  • I knew a dalmation that did that, nail fell off and there was another one underneath.
    …but that's the only time I've seen or heard of that.

  • I've seen cats that nails shed but not dogs. What food are you feeding?

  • some raw some dry food
    a mix of vegetarian formula and sevarl other wiht tuna, chicken carrot,beef
    she chews alot so we give her real bones and assorted edibale chews..
    her coat is amazingly smooth and soft and glossy so i dont think she is shedding nails becasue of her diet

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