• Sally was shedding when we got her in October, but then stpped….. but we have noticed in the past week, and even more today, extreme shedding, and her coat is flaking. Yikes...I mean a lot! I made an appointment to see the vet on Wednesday. She is on lamb dog food, and is on a V3(omega 3 vitamin) we give it to her with a small amount of peanut butter. We did stop giving the V3 for awhile, but started back-up over 2 weeks ago. We were told we could stop the V3 with the new food, but I thought her coat was going bad. Help!:eek:

  • How old is she? Is she spayed? and they will go though shedding… looking at the picture, is she a mix? If so, you have what ever she is mixed with adding to a shedding problem..... flakes usually mean dry skin....

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