• I just adopted a pup that was rescued off of the side of a highway and I know he is a Dachshund mix because..well it's just obvious when you get a side view…but I had a Basenji when a couple of years ago that got stolen and his face reminded me of her so much...so I was wondering...you think he could be part Basenji? If you think he might be anything else let me know..I'm dying to figure out what his main mixes are he's just the cutest thing on the face of the earth.

    He never barks..we get an occasional "barooo", he chews on ANYTHING and everything when he's bored or feels he's not getting his attention,and he's the most stubborn dog around.I also see alot of wrinkles and indentions in his face that just scream basenji to me but who knows.

  • Maybe he could be part Basenji…from the pictures it is difficult to tell. could you get one head on standing veiw and one full body profile veiw?..that might make it easier to tell.

  • It's possible… also looks like could be part Jack Russell.
    Super cute!!
    I think there are some vets that will draw blood and send it off for you. The results are supposed to tell you exactly what breeds your mix is. 🙂

  • I would say Jack Russell but a front/side view will show more.
    Thank you for taking him in.
    He is very cute indeed.

  • I don't see too much basenji in him - the dachshund yes. Some of his antics sound basenji though.

  • You know - many years ago there was someone in the Carolina's who was trying to create "the American Barkless dog" by breeding basenjis with a variety of other dogs - wonder if this dog could be something out of one of those?

    side view would be interesting but from what I see looks like a Jack Russell mix of some sort.

  • here in the Netherlands a lot of mix breeds look like yours, they are Jack Russell x Dachshund mixes.

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