• If anyone is interested, I just posted new pics of Zina on my site. There were just too many to post here. It shows the progression of her HOD (Hypertrophic osteodystrophy) This is an inflammation of the growth plates that can affect (usually) fast growing dogs. Most dogs do not survive or are put down because of the problems associated with it. Zina survived and while she has her share of issues, she is a very happy girl. She will probably also have a limited life span. This is something, I think, everyone with large breeds should be aware of, but it is not a widely known affliction.

    Go to the memberlist, my website is there, go to our kids on the site and pick Zina. If you click on each pick, it has a caption.

  • Just saw Zina's pics. She's really cute and loveable! It's so sad about her HOD. I haven't ever seen this condition, but she does look much better at 2+ yrs old. Does she have pain? Kudos for being her mom!

  • Zina is not in pain now, but she does experience pain-especially in winter and damp weather. She will get arthritis and will have hip problems. Her immune system is almost non-existent (which is why I have food problems with her), her allergies are high. She goes to the Chiropractor monthly and is now on Prednisone for her 'itchies'. I can't give her any flea, or heartworm meds and she will never have any preventative needles. She did have a lump on her side, I believe it was a spider bite that morphed into a huge lump with no signs of slowing, so I took her back to the US to have it removed through Local anesthetic. At the time I couldn't find a vet up here that would remove it that way. (I'm interviewing a new vet next week). Her top jaw is at about two inches shorter than her bottom jaw so she does have eating issues in that she has to scoop it up with her bottom jaw and her tongue sticks out a lot of the time. Her back teeth mesh well so I'm lucky she can chew. WHEEEW! Hope that explains some!

  • What a sweet face. I like the picture with her basenji buddies around her. I just love boxers. We had them when I was growing up and we got one for our children. Unfortunately, we got it from a byb and it had health problems that severely shortened it's life. (megaesophagus probably caused by a neuromuscular disorder.) My sons still mourn sweet Adrianne. Does Zina have any trouble keeping up with her buddies?


  • No, Pat, she's actually a bigger goof than they are. She runs and plays outside, but very limited as she does not have the stamina they do. Also, they out-maneouver her every time.

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