• Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to everyone!

    I recently became the owner of a basenji mix stray. We've(my husband, myself and my two daughters) had him since July and I hadn't been able to decide what kind of dog he was, until I saw someone with a basenji. Then I did some research and it describes our Charlie to a T.

    Charlie is a red/white male approx. 1 year old. He has the wrinkled forehead, the unusual eyes and curly tail, but his coat is not as smooth as the breed standard, and he certainly barks. When I get some good pics, I'll post them and maybe you guys can tell me what you think?

  • Welcome…we would love to help you with any issues you might have.

  • Yes, and pictures would be just wonderful!:D

  • Welcome to the pack - feel free to ask questions or for help and tips. We have a wide variety of basenji caretakeres here collectively with extensive experience.

  • Welcome to the pack…Thank you for taking in a lonely dog. How great that you all found eachother.:)

  • Welcome to the pack?
    What part of Ohio are you located?
    I am in Chillicothe.

  • Welcome Megan, Charlie, and family. Hope you find this site helpful.

    How did this little guy find you? I love those "how we found each other" stories. If you care to, please share, and I hope you find other 'senji owners in your area.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome! We would love to see pictures!

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