Hi from Ohio!

Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to everyone!

I recently became the owner of a basenji mix stray. We've(my husband, myself and my two daughters) had him since July and I hadn't been able to decide what kind of dog he was, until I saw someone with a basenji. Then I did some research and it describes our Charlie to a T.

Charlie is a red/white male approx. 1 year old. He has the wrinkled forehead, the unusual eyes and curly tail, but his coat is not as smooth as the breed standard, and he certainly barks. When I get some good pics, I'll post them and maybe you guys can tell me what you think?

Welcome…we would love to help you with any issues you might have.

Yes, and pictures would be just wonderful!:D

Welcome to the pack - feel free to ask questions or for help and tips. We have a wide variety of basenji caretakeres here collectively with extensive experience.

Welcome to the pack…Thank you for taking in a lonely dog. How great that you all found eachother.:)

Welcome to the pack?
What part of Ohio are you located?
I am in Chillicothe.

Welcome Megan, Charlie, and family. Hope you find this site helpful.

How did this little guy find you? I love those "how we found each other" stories. If you care to, please share, and I hope you find other 'senji owners in your area.

Welcome! We would love to see pictures!

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