• Hi everyone…my C3PO has been with us for about 3 weeks. We changed their food gradually from Eukanuba to more organic healthy food over a few days. He initially had some diarrhea which I attributed to the gradual food change & the it went away after a day or two. Now he's got it again..should I be concernd??:o


    My Topaz is doing fine with the food. She hasn't had any diarrhea at all!!😕

  • Our Basenji Max has a very sensitive stomach. He has an irritable bowel our vet says that a lot of Basenji's do. He gets diarrhea with just about any change in environment,weather or food.The diarrhea can last several days. Just make sure he's got plenty of water.
    I hope this helps,

  • what type of food are you feeding now? (brand) it could be a result of the new food, could be an intolerance to an ingredient, could be stress, could be c3po ate something he wasn't supposed to, could be alot of things. I'd give it a few days (if C3PO isn't a puppy) and if it's not cleared up, call the vet. if C3PO is a puppy, I'd head to the vet sooner.

  • thanks everyone!

    Jessi76-C3PO is 3yrs old & we've been feedingh im Merricks organic adult food. He had the runs for like 2/3 days & then it went away. Then suddenly it came back.

  • We feed Max IAMS Mini Chunks. He does well with it.

  • How is C3PO doing? I read this thread late, but if he's not okay try going to the vet and asking for a broad spectrum wormer. The one that Nala had was a one-time banana smelling (and I guess tasting) one. My vet told me sometimes giardia, etc. can be missed on the fecal test and it doesn't hurt to worm them (provided the rest of the exam checks out okay). That helped Nala immensely. She gained weight and hasn't had diarrhea at all.

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