• Just wanted to post to introduce myself to the forum.
    I'm Kathryn D. Ladick of Jaroufa Hounds.
    Some of you know of me and others know me.
    I've been active in basenjis for 32 years.I show,race and breed basenjis.Currently the owner of the #1 NOTRA racing basenji and until last week-end the #1 LGRA racing basenji ( soon to regain the spot before the end of the year),UKC Champion Kiroja Chicago Hood at Jaroufa,SGRC,JOR,ORC.I'm quite happy with Rocky because in just 6 short months he has outdone himself.He is Lightning fast and undefeated in LGRA and in NOTRA has only lost one race( and only because it was his first NOTRA and wasn't sure of the turn).A big Thank you to Kelli Harmon of Kiroja Basenjis for Rocky.
    It is also home to Jaroufa's Jungle Music,GRC(Joshua) and many other young basenjis soon to be hitting the race field.
    I'm also equally proud of my sweet Classy,Jaroufa's Class Action.She is 12 years old and a cancer survivor and still racing. She is not the fastest and sometimes doesn't finish but she does love to come out and run.
    Her young son,Jaroufa's Passum'Lik A Flash will make his racing depute next month.

    Kathryn D. Ladick
    Jaroufa Hounds

  • Welcome..glad you found us.

  • Welcome! I'm in Connecticut and have Rocky's brother Lenny!

  • Welcome Kathryn and Rocky! Wow that is some impressive wins. You must be so proud. Please post some pictures. I'm sure we'd all love to see your boy.

  • Welcome to the pack – I'm sure you'll have lots to contribute and look forwar to hearing your stories and tips.

  • Thanks for the welcome and hello to Lenny's owner.
    Rocky is a wonderful basenji. Loving and funny.I hope that he will produce some wonderful puppies for me,with his speed and agility and temperment.

  • Welcome… Please we need pictures when you get a chance, we are a bit of addicts. 😃

  • Welcome to the forum! Please post pics.. and stories.. You probably have lots of good b-stories 😃

  • Welcome, and 'ditto' Janneke on the stories. I'm clueless when it comes to the racing aspect–-actually I'm clueless on many aspects, but racing is a big DUH?!?! moment for me.

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