• Diana McCarty
    MIJOKR Basenjis
    Basenjis since 1982
    AKC judge
    currently have 5 basenjis and no they do not all get along with each other.

  • Hi Diana….. welcome!!!!!! How have you been?

  • Busy just like everyone else.

  • Welcome Diana!! I loved your message that all your Bs don't get along. I'm JUST starting to realize how much truth there is to that quote. Some B's are just not that social & I find more & more owners that have the same issues as my boy. This is all very comforting…:)

  • With basenjis it's not a matter of being social it's a matter of their function. In Africa - while they do hunt in packs, there are leaders and followers. If left to their own devices they'll figure it out BUT it may get bloody and nasty. What make work in Africa (survival of the fittest) may get the police called when the fight happens in your back yard. So it just seems prudent.

    In addition - I can't speak for everyone that shows but I have a tendancy to keep the animal with the 'look at me' attitude. you get too many of the Alpha's or top dogs together and you can have a problem.

  • It's funny you mention that showing comment. We had a consult with animal behaviorist & she mentioned the same thing. I was confused that because C3 was a show dog he should be used to socializing with other dogs but apparently not the case. She also mentioned that some dogs are taught to never interact with other dogs ESPECIALLY at shows….hence his issues now with other dogs.

  • Hey all!!
    JYS1011-your behaviourist is correct. There are alpha dogs and then there are submissive dogs. Too many alphas in one pack will be bloody if left in untrained hands-not to say you are a bad mom!! I have currently 3 basenji's, one boxer, and one heeler. My male seems to think he's alpha under me. Unfortunately, this doesn't work. My heeler is the true alpha under me (she's the oldest). Without me there, the male tries to take over. So if I'm not there to supervise, he get's crated. The B's are show dogs, and both of them do not like other dogs. In the show ring they're fine, but out of it is another matter.

  • That's pretty incredible…I just assumed show dog=must love dogs...something my breeders chose to leave out 🙂 they did say he loves children which is quite true. He's very tolerant with people 😉

  • I believe everyone should go to a dog show once and just watch the breed or breeds they are interested in. This will show you another element of the breed.

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