• Of course the dog came!!!!

    Here are some pics from our Honey Moon in Shenandoah National Park. It was an awesome time, we camped for two nights and hiked for 3 days (12mi total) with a 1.5mi day on the third one.

    On the first night it was cold and Indy figured out how to use his sweatshirt as a pseudo sleeping bag….

    Here is one with him and his pack….yes he did have to HELP carry his stuff while we were hiking. But in reality I carried it about half the time

    And one of the whole family…

    And then one of Indy and DH after the hot tub (no B's allowed!!!)

    This one is one of my favorites…Indy ready for his close up


  • How fun, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a great family! Congrats.

  • Hey rnasto! I see you are from Worcester, MA. I was just there today for a conference. I live in Wethersfield, CT. Maybe we can get together sometime for a B playdate! I have a fenced in yard and 2 B's…. 🙂 Or we can meet somewhere!

  • Hey, actually three weeks ago I moved to VA, I haven't gotten a chance to change the addy yet, BUT if you go back on the Basenji Meetup discussions you will find one that says Worcester with three other B owners in the area

  • Congrats! Thanks for sharing the pics. Love em!

  • Wonderful photos…thanks for sharing.
    Does you b even TRY to go into the hot tub??

  • Lol naw, he chews on his bone next to the hot tub while we hang out inside. Sometimes offers some help pruning the plants (my dad is not so hot on that)

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Wonderful photos…thanks for sharing.
    Does you b even TRY to go into the hot tub??

    Ours stand on the decking around the hot tub and like to lick the warm water off you…..gggg

  • On a different note about hot tubs, when Maggii was a puppy (5 months) she broke her leg, I used the hot tub to swim her for PT. She "hated" it!!!! but it worked great on her fitness

  • Those are all great pictures and you sure have one exhausted sleeping pup.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Great pics!

  • 😃 Congratulations and best wishes as you journey into lifelong happiness together. Wish we'd have known…..we could have sent 'senji distraction toys' to keep him busy while,......well.......you know......ummm.....honeymooned;)

  • Te he he…we had a VERY tired pup when we got back so he slept most of the time when Turin and I were hanging out

  • Indi looks like he enjoyed the hike! I might have to get info on your trip for us to do.

    Congratulations on your wedding!

  • Congrats! Very cool honeymoon…camping with a basenji! (we all know about "basenji birth control"...they love to sleep between us!)

    Anne in Tampa

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