• hey guys, lets see if someone can help before the vet opens. fender cracked his toenail, it is bleeding a little bit. i tried to pull the cracked part off, but no dice. it is hurting him, i feel so bad! he is even limping, 😞 i have no idea how it even happened. it is on the underside of his second toe on his front paw. at first i thought he had a splinter, but i figured out if is a small sliver of toe nail. help!

  • Sometimes dogs get toenails caught in the carpet and tear a nail trying to get loose. Since it's still bleeding you can use either styptic pencil or silver nitrate if you have either of those. If not dip the paw in flour or cornstarch to stop light bleeding. You might have to carefully trim the nail to keep it from catching on the carpet until you can see the vet. You can clean the paw later with warm water if it needs it and then use some neosporin. Don't clean with peroxide because it will cause the bleeding to restart.

  • thank you! yay! i will try the silver nitrate. we will see if he will let me trim it later. (he doesnt want me to mess with it now) thanks again, lenora.

  • When Nicky has had injured toes we usually soak in warm water with some betadine for as long as he will tolerate which is anywhere from 30 sec to 2 minutes usually.

  • I know this may sound odd… but when i break a nail that bad i repair it with a acrylic overlay... If you have a good nail tech maybe you can ask her do a emergency nail repair on Fender.. till it grows out.
    This does sound wierd 😕

  • i am wondering, is this a frequently occuring thing for dogs? he really likes to attempt to chew and dig the carpet…things always happen to my nails, but it doesnt make me limp. i guess he wont be trick or treating with us tomorrow. waah. he is so cute in his costume.

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