Good wishes & prayers please

  • Lola is going in to be spayed on Friday. I filled out all of the release forms today, which always makes one nervous what with all the "complications may occur… risks... not responsible..." & disclaimers. I also feel like we're coming right down to the wire here... I can't believe I was crazy enough to wait until AFTER breeding season started & other females have started going into heat to have her spayed. So keep us in your thoughts. Hoping she doesn't go into heat, and surgery goes well.
    We're also having her microchipped!! Yay!

  • But this will be harder on you than it is her, I swear. Complications are pretty unusual with pre-operative blood work in place. Hopefully she won't go into heat before your date!

    Try to be calm, I know the whole thing is nerve wracking.

  • I was the same way when Ruby got spayed, but it really ended up being worse on me than on her. In fact, in Ruby's case, I was at work stressed out all morning only to learn that during those first hours (after Ruby's blood work was done) that Ruby was free, running around the office keeping all the girls company :), they all fell in love with her…her spay wasn't until the afternoon.

    The worst was the afternoon I brought her home and the next morning she mostly slept but after that, you would have had a hard time telling that Ruby had had surgery. She was pretty cranky toward Brando the first 2 days (really went off on him once when he tried to take her toy...he could have cared less :D), but after that, she returned to play instigator mode with her buddy. I had to intervene to end it MANY TIMES so she would rest as much as possible :rolleyes: :rolleyes:.

    You really will find it is no big deal. 😉 Good luck keeping her from jumping/running for 2 weeks 😃 :D.

  • Good luck with your nerves durring this. 😃

    I swore after Zaire's Spay that I wouldn't get another female puppy, but would rescue an already spayed female. It was so much more traumatic for me than for her…. I had thought I was a bundle of nerves with Charlie when I had him fixed, but nothing like having to go through it with Zaire. It's one of the things that having a male dog is easier on your psyche. I am sure she will do fine. Zaire handled herself durring the recovery much better than I handled myself. 😛

    We will keep your little girl in our thoughts durring her recovery.

  • It always is worse on us, she'll be fine. I hope she doesn't go into heat before Friday.
    I always hate walking out of the vets office without them and I'm just as nuts be it a spay or a neuter…but they've always been fine. The hardest part is keeping them settled down for the required time afterwards.

  • I am definitely most worried about keeping her calm for two weeks, especially with another young basenji & two cats in the house to play with.
    I had a scare when I got home today. Some red dye from a shoe (my favorite shoe ever grrr) got onto a blanket she was laying on, and I thought for sure she had gone into heat. It took me a moment to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, but we're still safe another day.

  • Well, as someone who is currently keeping a dog calm for the next 7-10 days. The first few days are the easiest, they are still kind of sore and willing to believe you when you say, "really, you want take your 100th nap today." After that they pretty much look at you and go, "Nope, you can take another nap but I am ready to make my quota in destruction."

    So my advice, if your dog likes Kongs, buy several and make a big batch of Kong stuffing.

    Canned Pumpkin and dry kibble in equal parts, and then a couple of spoonfuls of canned food for flavor. Stuff the Kongs then freeze.

    These tasty treats are lower cal than the same amount of plain dog food, and can take over an hour to empty fully. This is great for keeping a bored dog occupied and can be given for breakfast,lunch, and dinner and since it is lower cal the extra meal shouldn't be a problem.

    Petedge has a good price on Kongs if you have to stock up,

  • Thanks for the advice!! Mauigirl is helping me care for her since I have to work & can't pick her up after surgery :mad: We've been planning Kong filling all day. The big day is tomorrow… very nervous!

  • I hope all goes well today. I know how nail biting it can be and how long the day can seem while you wait for news. You will be so happy to have her home tonight and just cuddling with her.

    The recovery passes quickly.

  • Good wishes to your little girl today, and to yourself as well as you get through the next week or so with her recovering.

  • Lola girl is done with her surgery and will be visiting with us for the evening. She's rockin' the Ecollar. She was pretty high energy for just having been spayed. She wagged her tail for us a couple times when we picked her up…yay!

    She's in the guest room relaxing in her crate with a piece of Carrie's clothing. She didn't take too long to settle down.

    Carrie will be by later tonight to pick her up and I'm sure Lola will be one happy girl to see Mama!

    Edit: She loves the kong!

  • I am glad she is enjoying the Kong. They are such great things and mine love a frozen stuffed Kong. I am thinking I will send all my puppies home with Kongs this year and recipes for stuffing them.

    TC doesn't "get" Kongs and usually gives up before making too much head way in unstuffing them. This has made keeping her entertained post OP very difficult.

  • Thank you for all of the advice, well wishes & prayers. We are very very fortunate to have such a sweet friend in mauigirl. She not only cooked me breakfast Friday & let me borrow her Zip to make me feel better about leaving Lola in a stranger's hands, she battled rush hour traffic to pick up my baby since I had to be at work unexpectedly. I couldn't get out of work & over to pick Lola up until 2am, but I found her safe & sound. She was very very happy to see me, and adorable in her large e-collar. She came home & instantly jumped on the bed (grrr).
    She slept well, and has just been a little subdued this evening as her morning pain meds have worn off. You were all right… I was overly worried for nothing. The hardest part is keeping her still.
    Funny story... I was in a rush this morning to get to work, and didn't make time to reassemble her crate from her stay at mauigirl's. I put a blanket in the bathroom floor & closed her in with her e-collar on. Came home 4 hours later, opened the bathroom door & she rushes out, minus e-collar. She chewed through one of the loops on the collar & through two loops of string used to tie it on to her neck. She has decided she will not wear an e-collar. We're watching her closely, and so far she hasn't messed with her incision so hopefully we won't need to go buy another one. Didn't even last one morning...:rolleyes:

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