• So the other day I'm walking Mick around the neighborhood and run into a neighbor I've never met. She has a lil white poodle who growled and would not have any of Mick's antics. So this women proceeds to tell me that when she was little she saw a film that Walt Disney made about a lost Basenji. She said it was called Good-bye, My Lady. So when I got home I googled it and found this.

    "Skeeter has found this dog and discovers no one knows what kind of dog it is. Discussing the matter with his uncle the desire to keep and train the dog for bird hunting after finding the dog has super senseing ability but does not bark. He "yoddles" or laughs as some would say. However the real owner William Hoppers character wants him back due to the rarity of the breed. A very sensitive and moving film especially for fans of Walter Brennan and any dog lover."http://content.answers.com/main/content/img/amg/videos/drv300/v342/v34240stvok.jpg

  • Yeah it's based on the book by James Street, published in 1941.
    They used six basenjis to make the movie, and the kid who plays Skeeter kept one of the females after shooting.
    The movie is in black and white, it's long, and it's not really that great. I prefer the book.

  • http://jssmith.home.mindspring.com/page9.html

    Here's a link with some info you might like. and I don't think it's a Walt Disney movie, but I do know John Wayne produced it. 🙂

  • We have the movie, only because it is about a Basenji, but even my kids {who were raised on old movies} think it's a bit much – the Basenji crying had them giggling out loud. They did all want to smack the kid around for his training techniques though, LOL.

    Oh, and you're right agile, it's a Warner Brothers movie.

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