My Basenji is One Rude Kitty Cat!

Ok…this was my stupid husband....he is basically a big kid and thinks its fun to make what he thinks are funny posts...he does the same thing to my friends on AIM (has made for some interesting conversation!)..sorry about this one, I tried deleting the post, but couldn't figure out! I guess thats what I get for not minimizing the screen before giving him the computer!

LOL…I just thought you had forgotten to post a picture to go with the caption. It never gets any easier trying to understand male humor. You just need to post a disclaimer that any wierd messages have probably been posted by your dh or the dog.


It is kind of funny though. Alot of people have compared Indi to a cross between a Kitty and a Human which I think is kind of accurate. What do you all think?

Jack is TOTALLY more cat than dog….yesterday he was "stalking" a squirrel in the yard, and he definitely looked like a cat.

Plus, I was telling my DH and a friend that people on here had posted pictures on here of their bs climbing trees, to which the friend responded, "What is he, some kind of mutant cat?"

After watching a show on cheetahs, I think that Basenjis are more like them than dogs, or wolves. They look to have the same light framed body structure, and like to stalk, and paw at things. Medjai also waits and tries to beat other dogs in a race at the dog park.

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