• My understanding is that Basenji's went into heat once a year, around October or November. But my girl seems to be going into heat and allowing my male to mount her. Is this a problem? A rarity?

  • Is it a problem….that depends, is your male fixed?
    Some Basenjis do go into heat twice a year. It is rare in the breed, but not unheard of.

  • No he is not fixed, but we like the idea of puppies and intend to let them do their thing… but should we stop them at this time?

  • There is A LOT that goes into breeding so perhaps just letting them "do their thing" is not wise. Are you fully ready for the commitment that comes along with breeding? Have both the dam & sire been health tested? Are you ready to offer a home to every single puppy should something arise with it's potential owners?

    I love my basenji & would love to see him be a daddy. However, there is just too much that goes into breeding. It is NOT for the uneducated. Please, if you legitimately want to get into breeding, speak to breeders first. Do not just let it happen because you have two intact dogs with one in heat…

  • It is not wise to just let them do their thing. Things can and do go wrong in breeding including the dog or bitch doing serious bodily harm to the other.

    Have you done any health testing, especially the DNA Marker Test for Fanconi Syndrome? Do you know the puppy lemon laws in your state? Depending on state law if you produce a puppy with a preventable inherited disease the new owners can sue you for all medical expenses related to that disease.

    Do you have $2000 in the bank to cover an emergency C-section? Though not the norm, they are sometimes necessary and most vets demand payment at the time of service so if you don't have that money available it could mean you lose the entire litter and your bitch.

    Do you have homes already screened and waiting for the puppies? With the current economy there are less people in a good financial position to adopt a dog and to pay for the necessary care through its life. Are you prepared to take back the puppies you produce for their entire life? If not, do you understand the reality that if they end up in a shelter they will likely spend their last days confused, scared, and then euthanized in the arms of a stranger? Basenjis do not do well in shelters and if there is not a rescue to step in many do not reach adoption.

  • I strongly urge you to think CAREFULLY about what you are doing. Breeding is not something that should simply be done because you "Like the thought of puppies" By allowing your dogs to breed you are taking responsibility for not only your dogs, but for the puppiies they produce. You are making a commitment to be available for these puippies for the next 10-18 years.

    Breeding because you think it would be fun to have puppies around as your main reason is what leads to dogs being euthanized, or falling victim to preventable genetic disorders.

    I urge you to consider that it is not just about what you think would be fun/neet/exciting. You are helping create new life by breeding, and you MUST be willing to take full responsibility for those new lives.

  • Oh, please listen to the above posts.
    This can be a very bad thing indeed.
    Breeding b's requires edcuation and health testing.
    I do so hope you decide against having litters until you have done the work to have healthy pups.

  • I should add that Texas has a ton of b in rescue and in shelters.
    So, if you think your going to make some $$ from these pups, I am afraid you will be very unhappy…
    They are selling basenji pups at swap meets for a very low amount.
    I can put you in touch with the Texas BRAT rescue, if you think I am overstating the problem of basenji pups in Texas.

  • Ok, wait… don't beat me up... getting into breeding is not my intent, just a bad choice of words. But for this thread the subject is not exactly "Breeding" but the fact that my female is in heat in July. I can start a new thread about "Breeding" to ask the more specific questions pertaining to Basenji breeding. I have already gotten a lot of my questions answered about "General" breeding from my mother-in-law, she breeds Dachshund's.

  • Honey, we are not trying to beat you up.
    Sorry if it came across like that.
    Tell us what your plans are for this couple of b's you have.
    As you now know they can make pups, what are your plans??

  • Before even considering breeding, please do health testing… DNA for Fanconi, hip and elbows (OFA), thryoid testing, eye tests....

    Please be responsible before considering breeding. And ask yourself "what do these dogs have to offer the breed?"

    As far as being in season in July, is she bleeding? Sometimes they have an UTI and the dog thinks the bitch is in season... should have her checked out by a Vet.

  • And I can comment to on lvoss post about homes… this time of year usually I am flooded with inquiries for pups... not this year.... times are tough... and getting good homes is harder and harder...

  • By the way, about being in season… there are many Basenjis that cycle twice a year... and they don't all read the same book that says September/October for being in season...

  • so there is nothing wrong with her?

  • If there is one girl that comes into heat near you, or that you see, chances ae she will pull your girl into heat as well. My girls have both come into heat twice this year. I think this may be a weird year for heat cycles. My girls came in in February, but there are some that are coming in heat now, in July! So it is possible. I've just written a few installments for the BCOC Newsletter about breeding Basenji's for newbie's. If I ever get my website up I will post them. They are fairly long segments and to post here I don't know if the Administrator would want them on.

  • @Porthos:

    so there is nothing wrong with her?

    Depends, is she bleeding like a normal season? If she is then most likely she is coming in season if not, you should have her checked out by a Vet for a UTI…

    And isn't your male only a pup? Like under a year old? That is way to young to be breeding him... (IMO)

  • Does it seem like a normal heat? Just because it is out of season does not mean that it is a problem but if there is not spotting or if spotting is heavier than normal then it is probably a good idea to have her checked out.

    Also, what age is your bitch? I thought you said she turned 6 this year? A maiden bitch of that age has a higher chance of complications just like human women who choose to have their first child in middle age. Pregnancy requires the body to undergo some pretty major changes and at that age there are some age related changes that can make it pretty tough. Your chances of having problems with one of the pups increases as well as your chances of needing an emergency C-section.

  • Vaginal discharge in an intact bitch can also mean pyometra, a serious infection of the uterus. If you feel there is something odd going on, a trip to the vet should be priority. Pyometra, if untreated, kills.

  • Good call Robyn, I totally forgot about Pyro… and for sure, it can and does kill....

  • Ok, she is spotting and everything looks like a normal heat. She has been chattering her teeth and pushing the male around with her body. True the male is just a pup and we don't intend to do anything with them right now.

    Thanks for all the great advice

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