• So its my last month in this apartment with the ridiculous landlords. I am positive they will keep my security deposit, so I didn't pay July rent. I got an email 2 days ago asking for rent and i responded with something like, "because of the amount of money i had to put toward my next place, my dogs emergency vet bill from last weekend and my tenant moving out of my house in Michigan, I am a real bind this month. Would it be ok with you if i used my security deposit as last months rent and we can do a walk through once i clear out the place and make sure we agree on the damages (or lack of)"

    they of course said no.

    so i'm moving out this weekend. putting my things in storage and commuting to my last 3 weeks of work from my boyfriends house… 90 miles each way from Connecticut to New Jersey. Its gonna be probably an hour and 40 minutes each way. YUCK.

    I'm still sure they will keep my security deposit, but i'm also pretty sure they have already rerented this place for after I leave, so after they keep my deposit money, they will have all the money due to them from my stay here. I really don't know if they will come after me for more.... or if they even can if they have a renter for august and with my security deposit are paid through july.

    can't wait till this is over and im' in my new house and my new job!!!!

  • Hope these next few weeks go by super quick for ya! 🙂

  • Yay for you! Only 3 more weeks

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