Puppy mill BRAT worked on in 01, Ca

  • I thought some of you would like to see this part of basenji rescue history.
    Oh, one of my foster homes still has a girl from this Hell Hole…she has cronic eye issues...but is happy and they love her. SH

    I recently received an email from Suzanne Kane of California. Suzanne was
    very involved in the Modesto basenji rescue in 2001. I went back to find an
    article about this rescue which was published in The Basenji magazine. I
    thought you might be interested in this piece of BRAT history.

    Mike Swan


  • Thanks for posting this Sharron. The article really paints a Vivid Picture for those who might not fully understand the plight that these innocent dogs suffer, and the full value of the work that people who are involved with BRAT and other Rescue organizations really provide.

    Jason and Miranda
    Brat Volunteers and Temporary Limited Foster Care

  • Thanks Jason, some puppymill dogs aren't so damaged, more like byb dogs, but some are truely in hell.
    The reports of folks who have had these type of b's and watched them grow to even a dog who will come for a pet…well, its something to read.
    I can only imagine the joy in the foster folks hearts when they see a dog so damaged turn around...even just for a little bit.
    Every dog we get from these "bad" breeders and puppymillers is a dog who will not add to the stories we all have, rescue for sure, but the owners who buy these dogs..not realizing what they are getting.....
    what a nightmare they end up with, temperment and heath wise...
    well I am speaking to the educated here I do know.

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