GA lure course practice June 29 CANCELLED

I got an email just minutes ago that today's lure coursing practice has been cancelled due to the rain from last night at the field. Our practice is held on a well groomed polo field and we do not risk tearing up the field sideline with automobiles after storms. Go figure, its been bone dry across the state for weeks but let us set up a coursing practice and we get a storm the night before. sighs Oh well we really did need the rain. We'll try again in July.

You mean the e-mail sent at 7:08 when practice was at 8??!!?? Haha. We were already in the car. We took a picture of us all parked and set up, dogs in crates with the easy up, chairs and coolers. We'll call it a drill. Thank goodness for Blackberries b/c otherwise we wouldn't have known.


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