• On April 1st I took Oakley to a practice in Wrentham MA hosted by the LRLC and I signed Oakley up for two runs. We met up with a forum member who brought her B and her two B mixes, there was everything from German shepards,Dalmatians, pharaoh hounds to greyhounds and it was a really great time. At first I didn't think Oakley would take to it because he didn't seem too interested ( he's highly prey driven though) and most of all he's so attached to me I doubte he would even complete a straightaway. Well, I was wrong, first run I only had him do a straightaway and he did really well. After that, he was hooked and had no problems running the full course. I'm working now do I can't post pictures but will upload them tonight! It was a very proud day for me to see him so happy and do such a good job, plus being good at the dog park ( his first time) next to the event while we waited.
    Ive decided since that went so well that I am going to start his JC title with a little guidance from my breeder since I have no clue how/where to start.

  • Way to go…. Since they run by themselves for JC, no real guidance is needed. Just need to find a lure trial that is offering them. Most of the information you can find on the AKC site along with events. And he can even run the CAT (which is for all breeds) as they run by themselves also. Also those trial usually have practice also and you can practice him with other basenjis. With males, I suggest running to first few times with a bitch...
    Once you are sure that he is really focused on the "bunny" then you can do his QC test (which he runs with another Basenji) and then enter trials.

    Here are some links

    If you go to this link and then click on the events tab you can search for coursing in your area

  • Looks like Oakley is having a great time.

  • Good pictures!

  • He had so much fun, it was really rewarding to see him happy like that! I can't take credit on the pictures, another forum member "Muzz" took them… Can't tell you how happy I was someone cared enough to take pictures of my boy for me (I'm still too challenged to handle Oakley AND a camera!)

  • I love it when we get the opportunity to take Watson coursing. I want to get him his JC as well.

    Oakley looks very happy out there running 🙂

  • Looks like great fun… but I have a question... that last shot... looks to me like the Brindle was more into maybe biting Oakley then the lure?

  • Greta ( the brindle), has a love hate relationship with Oakley…he likes her and she hates him..Greta had a bad incident with a male before and doesn't like male basenjis that much...eventually she warmed up but all in all she just wanted a piece of him...he's an easy target because of his goofy obliviousness..It got a little loud at points when she wanted to voice her displeasures about his jumping or quick movements but never got unmanageable

  • Great news about Oakley… but I would not run him with that bitch again.... especially since he seems to be focused on the lure.... you need to "read" the other dogs and yours..........

  • There was no lure in the last couple pics…they were just running around in the dog park which was right next to where the luring was set up. And yes Greta likes to cheat at the game of chase by going for the tail. On the luring side the dogs were mostly running solo.

    The only time her and Oakley exchanged words were when they were on leash but once they were off leash they ran and had a great time!

    It was another female that Greta had a problem with in the past, so not sure what she was saying to Oakley other than " let me off this leash so I can get at your neck" lol. I think she rather liked him once they were able to run free.

    I was happy to take the pictures, especially when you said you didn't have many of your little guy. 3 dogs and a camera, multitasking at its best!

  • My favorite pic is the one with the lab running with our B's. I think I see two out of twelve feet hitting the ground.

  • That lab really got into playing with them! He was really a great looking dog too. So nice to see tons of flat out running, he was pooped when we got home. I can't ever imagine I could handle three dogs and a camera, just not in my skill set!

  • When we took Lela to a coursing last year, we found that many B's started cutting corners as soon as they say how the lure moved. They were back in no time, much faster than the whippets!

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