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We haven't had Joey long enough for me to know whether he may bark, but when I have crated him, left the house, then snuck back to see his behavior, he whines, but does not bark. He has growled at two of my kids when they interupted his sleep and my husband (yikes!) when he came home from an out of town trip. My guess is that he is trying to establish his place in the pack (we have 8 including Joey) as we have only had him for 2 weeks.

Lots of basenjis growl when disrupted from sleep….doesn't mean anything about pack order, just about being grumpy wakers. Have everybody in the family start calling his name (not all at the same time!) quietly before he wakes (no touching), then have a treat ready to lure him off the couch (or wherever he is). In time he will realize good stuff happens when he wakes up, and will give up the growliness. Even if he keeps being a grumpy waker, at least you have taught your family to 'let sleeping dogs lie" 😉

Basenji Mix

Duke is a barking Basenji. But he is normally quiet in the house unless he tries to initiate ball tossing or tug, he grumbles at us. He barks looking out the window at a dog being walked. One time he barked at a laundry basket and it alarmed me too. So in case there was a bug, I called my son to dump the clothes out and there it was, a chewy toy! The other time he barked inside, that drove me nuts because I was in another part of the house was when I heard Duke barking viciously and my husband just yelling at him to "STOP IT". Both were having a dual at being the loudest! I came in the room to investigate, found him barking at his reflection in the doorwall glass. It was night time, so the reflection is greater with the light in the room. I shut the blinds, problem solved. (Sometimes I gotta do everything!):(

What about Joey growling at my husband when he came to bed? Joey was not sleeping but sitting on the bed. My husband got in and Joey growled once. My hubby said, you better not do that again or you'll become horsemeat. Joey kept silent…smart dog! (Disclaimer...My husband really wouldn't turn him into horsemeat, but don't let Joey know this!)

I have also noticed that when my son and I who are the primarly caretakers disrupt his sleep, he has never growled. Any ideas?

oh and thanks for the training tip!


What about Joey growling at my husband when he came to bed?

sounds to me like Joey was just challenging your husband for the bed rights, and doesn't growl at you or your son because you provide the food. this is why i set "ground rules". my dog is always allowed on the bed… WHEN I INVITE HIM. by maintaining ground rules and consistancy, I don't leave room for "challenges". my dog has given a little grrr when woken from a deep sleep, but once he realized what he'd done, he gave me a lick, and slinked away to the safety of his crate.

Sounds like he is resource guarding the area where he is sleeping or wants to sleep…(I have one that does this). I don't know why guarders warn off some people, and allow others to do whatever they want to them. It is a fairly easy fix to train them to get down from a bed or couch before you sit down, or when you want to sit down. Also, for the record, any dog of mine that continues to resource guard in the bed...as in, if someone bumps them, dog or human, they respond with a growl, doesn't get to sleep in the bed anymore. I might excuse it once or twice if they knock it off when directed to...but if they can't keep from doing it, they can sleep in a crate 🙂

cool, will implement the advice…thanks!

Lucy barks when she isnt getting enough attention so that might be what cali was looking for. I left the house for a couple of hours once and set up a video camera to see how Lucy acts when im not home and this is what i got. When i just left she runs around the house trying to see where i went. then she jumps on the window and starts to claw at it, then she gets on the couch and barks at nothing and eventually just goes to sleep. if u have a video camera i recomend doing that fun to see what ur dog is up to when your not home.

The video camera sounds like a good idea, but Cali is still at the point were she chews a lot. She is crated during the day while I am at work. I have only left her alone in the house for about 20 minutes outside of the crate and she was waiting for me at the door.

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