Smart, sad dog

Andrew just left for a 10 day trip. He's been packing all day, and we just took everything down to the car. He came back upstairs to say goodbye to the kids. Booger sat on his feet & leaned against his leg & made a grumbly noise. He stared at the floor & wouldn't make eye contact. He knew Andrew was leaving, and he was sad 😞

Oh so sad 😞 but just imagine how happy he'll be when Andrew returns πŸ™‚

The reunion will be joyful.

My DH leaves for long trips all the time, and Jack always knows what is going on and hates it….however, every time he comes back, no matter if it has been 2 weeks or 6 months, Jack is just so happy to see him. I always am impressed that Jack remembers him. But, as everyone has said, the reunion will be so sweet....

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