• So we had a BBQ the other night and while everyone went inside to get plates Jack snuck out of his dog house and ever so slowly (so not to be caught) climbed into the camping chair to sleep!! I guess that 55$ bed I brought outside for him to lay on that day wasnt as good as the folding chair?? LOL…He is SO random!!! Then when we went back outside I went to sit back in my chair and Jack looked at me, yawned, and layed his head back down like..."um, yawn, get your own chair" HAHAA:eek:

  • Yea, Sahara likes to take over my recliner at times, yesterday I found her in my chair with her head on the neck pillow. She looked ever so comfortable so I let my sleeping dog lay. haha!!! So Jack is outside these days, I thought he lived inside with the family.

  • No he lives inside, but we had a bunch of company and it was a nice day so we brought him outside with us…no way would he lut us be out and not him, LOL...Its funny that you mention that though because I was wondering if any other B's do what Jack does...He likes being inside but after a couple hours he sits in frount of the back door and paws and whines, when we let him out he runs and plays and after a half hour or so we let him back in and he sits and whines in frount of the door again...somtimes for LONG periods of time...I think because his last owner left him out, he prefers to be out (in nice weather...hahaa, when it rains he doesnt "want his pretty coat to get sprinkled on" even to go potty real fast) IDK...anyway...

  • Since we have the doggie door now we have placed a lawn chair in the yard-in the sun of course, so dash can sun himself comfortably. Spoiled dog.;)

  • Every b should be spoiled..your doing a good job!

  • Sounds like Jack is a typical B, wants outside but comes back and forth to check on you and the baby. He just wants to make sure you are still around and not scooted out. My B is so spoiled, my hubby bought some covering for our top back yard step so when Sahara lays on it she will not have marks, red spots from laying on the hot bricks. He loves my B, me too, and she is so rotten I am surprised you can't smell her where you are. haha!!!!:D 😃 😃

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