• Hi everyone,

    Jack has recently started sleeping in bed with us, and we did fine for the first 2 weeks or so, but now I am apparently not getting up fast enough to take him out. At this point I don't think it is a health issue, although I am watching…..thanks to this site I now know the warning signs of Fanconi....but here is our main concern:

    I really want Jack to keep sleeping with us, but we are worried that now that he has peed on the bed, he will smell that and think that it is where he is supposed to go. I used our super fancy woolite "get the pee smell out" carpet cleaner.....is that enough? Do I need to do anything special?


  • Get a good enzyme cleaner from a pet supply store. There are a few different brands. Also, I recommend getting a waterproof mattress cover. They make life so much easier when you have dogs.

    With Jack being 2 years old, I wouldn't rule out a UTI if he is having accidents in the morning. A vet check may be a good idea, just to make sure that there isn't something medical going on. How late in the morning is this happening?

  • I'm not really sure- but I am guessing probably right around when I am getting up…say 6ish.

    I think the other problem is that we aren't going out late enough, right before he goes to bed....we usually go out right after work (around 6) then again after he eats around 8:30. I think we probably need to go out one more time, around 10:00, right before we go to bed....I have been hesitant because there have been some recent muggings (and worse) around where we live, and I get scared outside in the dark...

  • Maybe, but an adult basenji should be able to hold it. Though I provide many opportunities to go out, all my basenjis 1.5 years old to 10.5 years old can hold it a good 12 hours. I know this because when it is pouring rain, getting them to go out is a challenge. So I would still be a little concerned that there may be something else going on.

  • Will definitely check it out, thanks!

    What is also odd is that he doesn't pee anywhere else in the house, just on the bed…..right next to me. grrrrrr....

    Jack has gotten to where he won't hold it for the rain anymore. He used to....but I think he has figured out that he feels much better with an empty bladder. He runs out, pees in the first spot he finds, and runs back. All business. No sniffing.
    Am also going to look into a waterproof mattress cover, as well.

  • Tucker's favorite place to pee when he's upset about something is on the bed. It's not a terribly new concept for these dogs. He rarely does it, but on those occasions when I forget to shut my door in the morning, he might be tempted (but has only done it maybe twice in 2 years).

    Try Natures Miracle. It's a pretty good pet cleaner. Just soak the area. It's loaded with alcohol so it doesn't take long to evaporate. Get a blacklight as well. It will tell you when you're done and the mattress is clean.

  • Just an update: I have been taking Jack out right before bed at night, and he hasn't had any accidents. This morning he woke me up exactly 8 hours from the last time he went out, we wet out, he peed, he pooped, all was well with the world. Then we went back in and went back to sleep. I think the change in routine is helping.

  • Although EL D never peed in bed, he would get up at 2 am and want to go outside. Making sure mine pees before we close up for the night made a big difference for us too.

  • we put a water proof mattress pad on our mattress…our former basenji had seizures at night and would soil the bed..this way just wash sheets and dry pad and good to go

  • I have "many" water proof" mattress pads.. and they are on all our beds…. they are great... for the problem accident.. or the the "erp" throw up.... or for any dogs/person that might soil the bed... they wash/dry great and while not the cheapest thing are well worth the money

  • And by the way, when you have elders.. you will have just as many if not more accidents in the bed.

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