• They call me “Fluffy”, which is really embarrassing for a tom cat. Under this tan colored fur, I’m all muscle. And I have to say, I’m quite the “Kitty’s” cat. Yeah, I get around. Like last night, I was putting the moves on this calico named “Kiki”. But she was playing hard to get. It was 1:30 am on a Sunday morning, and I was laying on the charm. Unbeknownst to me, inside the house a dog was sleeping downstairs next to a human girl. The dog must have heard me using one of my best lines on Kiki, and perked up her ears. She trotted upstairs, and gave one scratch on her parent’s door – usually she does two when she wants to come in and snuggle up under the covers. This time, though, it was just one scratch. The dad got up to let her in, but she wasn’t standing right there by the door like she usually does – instead, she was heading towards the back door. It was obvious she wanted to go outside.

    I heard the back door open, and Kiki took off. She wasn’t buying my best pickup line, so she headed for the door. She waited under the porch until the dog slipped out into the night, and then slinked in through the open door. Understand, I’m not afraid of dogs – they’re usually so spoiled and lazy that they can’t hold a candle to my raw speed even when they’re excited. I figured I could make the six foot high wooden fence easily enough to turn around and mock the stupid dog before heading off on my next adventure. But this dog was different. I could tell when I first saw her: trim, long legged, with erect ears and a curly tail. This was a hunter dog, and used to running. I tried hunkering down and holding still – it’s not like most dogs have that great of vision in the dark – but she circled around and started heading straight for me. I knew I shouldn’t have used so much cat musk!

    I tensed my muscles and waited for the right moment, then took off like a shot. I had a good six foot lead – it should have been no problem reaching the fence before the dog did. It’s not like any dog is going to catch me anyway! But there she was, closing in on me. I could feel her rhythmic breathing right behind me – she wasn’t even panting and lolling a slobbery tongue out the side of her mouth like the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood. She closed the distance between us quickly and just as I reached the fence and was about to jump, she knocked me over from behind.

    Fortunately she bounced off the fence and gave me a foot of clearance to make my escape up the fence and to safety. There would be no standing on the top of the fence gloating tonight, my pride had suffered enough. I didn’t even stick around to see her checking for loose boards in the fence. Thank goodness that there weren’t any, because the next fence was a good 50 yards away – plenty of time for a dog that fast to catch me.

    Kiki was a pretty cat, but with a Basenji lurking around, I don’t think I’ll be visiting her in her yard again! That was just too close for comfort.

  • Great story telling! 🙂

  • LOL! Great story! 😃

  • Great story – it sounds just like EL D a couple of months ago.
    Except the cat started to climb the fence, couldn't quite make it, and did a sommersault over EL D. When EL D turned around the cat made the jump and cleared the fence. Luckkyyyy.

  • It sounds just like EL D a couple of months ago.
    Except the cat made it to the fence but couldn't quite make it over, did a sommersault over EL D. As EL D turned around the cat tried again and just cleared the fence. Lucckkyyyy 🙂

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